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to lead into these fiscal negotiations that are going to consume washington in the fall. he's trying to stake out a line and edge his way back into a conversation that he really needs to because he's at risk here of losing any control of his agenda going forward. >> well, "commentary" magazine has a headline asking is obama already a lame duck? and the real clear politics shows his approval rating has been dipping over the last year. liz, obviously this is always a difficult job. but you have all of this stuff going on. on top of the fact that you have a congress that has been very difficult to deal with. how does he move forward? >> well, i think you're starting to see him attempt to do just that. as chris said, you know, going out and using one of his strongest tools, which is taking the argument directly to americans. you know, he's trying to frame the debate on his own terms ahead of the fall where we're going to seal budget issues, immigration issues. i doubt the gun issue's going to come back despite what happened in georgia. but there's a lot of big legacy issues that he wants
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going on in washington? i'm talking about the highly charged political nature of our congress. peter, you have been critical of the president's handling of the economy but you've also taken republicans to task as well. what needs to be done here? >> i think they need to get together and look at some of the structural problems that emerged during the bush years that have not yet been addressed such as the continuing to grow trade deficit with china and we are developing oil on shore, on private lands but we are not developing oil offshore in nearly as much as we could. we could probably be oil independent within five years if we chose to be. mr. obama has targeted a lot of places where regulation needs to be improved but he has done it in very expensive ways and ways that create other distortions. the large banks, for example, have consolidated and monopolized markets in smaller cities and so forth and businesses aren't getting the loans they need. i could go on but that is the general theme. >> peter didn't mention these, jim, but also some upcoming debates in washington that get a l
the summer threatening a government shutdown when they go back to washington. 80 of the most conservative house republicans have sent a letter to speaker boehner urging him to defund obama care. which, in the process, could bring the wheels of government to a screeching halt. >> and then, finally, now what we have got is republicans talking about the idea that they would shut down the government, bad for the economy, bad for not just people who work for the government, but all of the contractors who -- and the defense folks and everybody who is impacted by the services that they receive from the federal government, we should shut that down because republicans after having taken 40 votes to try to get rid of obama care see this as their last gasp. >> now a few republicans are even going a step further. past shutting the government down and defunding obama care. they are talking about impeachment. here is senator tom coburn at a town hall meeting this week. >> those are serious things but we are at a serious time and i don't have the legal background to know if that rises in high crimes and
in the streets and rights are being rolled back toipt bring in "the washington post" karen and steve. steve, first i want to talk about what is happening right now. thousands marching in the street. we just got those unconfirmed reports of 25 people dead. the statement they put out was that their revolution is peaceful but what is your take on this? is egypt on the brink of a civil war? >> that is a matter he debate out there. there are various egypt experts saying no, i've talked to a number muslim brotherhood members last night and the previous night and the rage and anger and frustration is palpable and so dramatic what they are experiencing that it's very hard for me not to see that this is not taking us into conditions that could lead to a very deep civil war that is driven by a lot of sectarian tensions. we have seen a lot of muslim brotherhood attacks on churches as well and the muslim brotherhood itself is divided between those that continue to want to stage massive peaceful protesters and others are simply so angry that they want to organize their own military and somewhat violent
>>> good morning. i'm chris jansing. the president is back in washington this morning to face the complicated and pressing and politically fraught question should the u.s. cut off aid to egypt. already the state department is taking the first steps to delay economic aid to egypt. "the new york times" reports the administration is also considering delaying the delivery of a apache helicopters and repair kits for tanks and officials decided not to dlever f-16 fighter jets and cancel joint military exercises but the central debate is over the question of the 585 million dollars in military aid still scheduled to go to egypt this year. does the u.s. use that as leverage? a growing chorus of lawmakers is arguing it's time to pull the plug on aid to egypt. >> when we threaten something, as we did that we would cut off aid, the administration did and then not do it, then you lose your credibility and your influence. >> we are going to have to suspend our aid. >> i do not see how we can continue aid. >> i do believe we have to change our aid. >> i think the actions of the last week, n
to sort it out amongst themselves. >> i hope the president, as soon as we get back to washington, will ask for authorization from congress to do something at a very surgical and proportional way. something that gets their attention and causes them to understand that we are not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> ayman moi yelledin is covering this from cairo. what is the reaction there in cairo? >> reporter: certainly a lot of arab diplomats are expecting some type of international response what they have described as a chem wall weapons attack. there is no hiding the fact that some of the countries in the region including saudi arabia and qatar and united arab emirates are pushing for more international intervention of different types of sorts. not necessarily militarily but without a doubt more pressure on the syrian government to try to get them to change course and for the removal of president bashar assad. in terms of eminent threat it has a lot of people here on edge. we have been speaking to organizations who are preparing for a worst case scenario and that preparation un
, well, here is "the washington post," obama weighs limited military strike on syria. "usa today," u.s. moves closer to military action. politico, syria poses first big test for second term. i want to bring in nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. what are you learning? >> reporter: u.s. military officials and other u.s. officials stress while the president officially hasn't given the order yet to launch any kind of military strikes against syria, the possibility for those strikes to begin opens up that -- that window opens up as early as thursday and could extend into the weekend, into early next week. . i can tell you that u.s. officials are say if the u.s. decides to launch military strikes against syria, those strikes, which would come from four guided missile destroyers in the mediterranean launching cruise missiles at designated specific limit targets there in syria could go on for three days because after the first wave, they have to take a look, see, battle damage assessment and figure awe ow what they have may have missed and go back to strike. i can tell you off
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is it and how? >> well, our influence is limited. we spend a lot of time in washington talking about what will obama do about syria and egypt and how can we convince putin to do something different? he doesn't have a magic wand. america has influence in the world right now. there are probably some things we can do. one thing indirect diplomacy to work with the countries to prop egypt up including the united arab emirates and convince them to lean on the military regime in egypt. america can also lead kind of global economic leverage. for instance the way the international monetary fund thinks about whether it's going to -- to give egypt loans to try to get its economy back on its feet. that is kind of the way you get out of a total disaster here is if they are able to stabilize the economy. one last quick point. i'm so glad you mentioned bobby's piece for "time." not a shameless plug. the larger argument he makes egypt doesn't matter as much as it used to and it's a provocative idea we are wringing our hands but a country politically and militarily so much weaker than it was a generation
partisan politics. in this environment in washington, d.c. you can see where the american voters are here trying to get more women elected into office. >> i'm sure you have watched with interest. also on cnn. here's what was said this morning on joez "morning joe." >> i cannot have companies in the business of making what i consider to be promotional movies about the life of oh hillary clinton when at the same time we know that her people are gearing up for a presidential run. then i'm going to bring them in to depose the candidates running for president on the republican side of the aisle? >> is there a fairness issue here, as you see it? >> i just disagree. hillary clinton has done so much for the country. it's a great opportunity to share what a really leading stateswoman has done for the united states. >> so chris christie or rand paul. >> or cruz or santorum. we'll see a lot of documentaries, news stories, all kinds of things in the months to come. that's the way the system works now. it's good. let's talk to the american people about who is out there, what they stand for. it will be
with eric snowden and glenn greenwald the last couple of days and keeps washington focused on this and prompt folks in the senate and house to weigh in on exactly how much privacy and secrecy they think is appropriate. >> beyond capitol hill, what has come out about the nsa is taking a toll on the president's popularity. specifically among young people. do you think that is because people who are 18 to 29 are most likely to see snowden as a hero or traitor? what do you think is going on here? >> i think a few things. sure, i think people who are between that age frame may see him as a hero but you have to remember also that people in my generation have lived their lives on the internet. everything has to do with facebook and twitter and social media and we have never remembered a time in our lives without the internet. so i think that that specifically makes folks a little bit concerned about these recent leaks that have happened. >> i want to play a clip of white house spokesman josh ernest who talked about this on monday. >> the president is not opposed, as he indicated d
is on to define her potential 2016 bid for president. this morning's "the washington post" says independent superpacs have proud to pledbludgeon her. a clinton ally complainant to the post of almost the breathless attention. last night on the tonight show president obama was asked about his recent lunch with his former secretary of state. >> we had a great time. she had that post administration glow. you know when folks leave the white house? two weeks later, they look great. i could not have more respect for her. she was a great secretary of state and very, very proud of what she did. >> did you notice her measuring the drapes or anything like that? >> keep in mind, she's been there before. >> that's true, that's true. >> she doesn't have to measure them. >> let's bring in progress iive strategists. good to see both of you. >> you too. >> the buzz is good, i guess. what is the danger, is there danger for hillary clinton as she weighs this potential presidential bid and you have all of these different factions trying to define her in ways that are advantageous to them but not necessarily to
washington correspondent anna palmer. nick, start with you. nbc's kasie hunt confirming that the white house is saying at the moment they have no definitive decision about aid to egypt. what do you know about this? which is it? >> you have this wrinkle, right? which is the next aid is not actually due for a few more weeks. so they can be holding it without any practical impact. it seems to me like a behind the scenes signal there to the regime to back off and allow some frerm. the truth is this whole package a military aid has not been used feven effectively. >> a new poll showing 51% of the people think we should cut off aid to egypt and 50% saying obama has not been tough enough to egyptian military. does that influence in the white house when it comes to a decision like this? >> i think this is something that is happening behind the scenes. they have been negotiating it with other countries for weeks. there's a real division in congress. you have some republican hawks saying that it aid needs to be cut off but a real division some republicans and democrats don't think that is the right co
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shortly. >>> in case you missed it this weekend the big mars 1 meeting was held in washington, d.c. and it brought together 50 people who hoped to become the first human martianmartians. it's described as excited discussions blended with nerdy banter. would you volunteer to go to mars? it's my must read and, oh, did i mention that if you go, you don't come back? it's up on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. >>> the scandal surrounding san diego mayor bob filner is growing. a tenth woman has now come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment. those unwanted sexual advances have been described by the women as kissing, groping, even placing one former employee in a head-lock. today, filner begins two weeks of intensify treatment at a clinic as calls for his resignation continue to grow. knsd brandy powell joins me. what do we know about this tenth victim,
the price on their electric models. >>> "the washington post" is making big headlines. being sold to amazon founder and ceo jeffrey bezos. so interesting reading about this this morning. a lot of questions, including can bezos figure out how to turn around the buying newspaper business? >> it does remain to be seen exactly what he is going to do, chris. he has said that the internet is transforming almost every area of the news business. it's shortening news cycles, it's cutting away at those long reliable revenue sources. it's enabling new kinds of competition as well. some which bear little or no news gathering cost. bezos has quite a bit of experience at getting at dollars with amazon ramping up its own ad strategy in rents years, tce. amazon has kindle and books and music and news as well you can get there. he is a billionaire and buying the paper for $250 million and chump change for somebody with over $25 billion. more than importantly, bezos comes with the blessing of warren buffett who invested in newspapers recently and buffett has called bezos as america's finest ceo. >> not bad p
want to do hors to help the middle class but, man, a tough climate in washington to get things done these days. >> i want you both to hold on. i want to bring in a democrat from south carolina. james clyburn. good to see you. good morning. >> thank you for having me. good morning. >> i know you've been listening to the conversation susan page talking about how tough the climate is the president going to face when he gets back from martha's vineyard. how tough it is? >> it is pretty tough. we are -- seem to have a disconnect between the house and the senate. there seems to be a disconnect between the congress and the american people. and there seems to be some skisisms within the republican party itself. speaker boehner is having tremendous difficult to try to coalesce around any kind of legislation that will satisfy the majority of the people within this caucus. so that makes it very, very hard to get anything done. before we can think about all of the things that we have to do going forward, the budget and what the president is proposing, the national security issues, we left hangi
you, pete williams. >>> i want to bring in "the washington post" politics reporter jackie c. eric holder, jackie, beaten up by the fast and furious gun trafficking violation. when we look what is coming out in several hours from holder, how might this be really a legacy issue? >> i think he wants to refocus his final moments here as attorney general to deal with this particular problem. this is something that he has spoken about before. he has spoken about frequently. i think, yeah, this is definitely about legacy. it's something he has bipartisan buy-in and not a lot of that in congress right now. so there are -- there is a lot of things that that can be done and will be done on this. >> that bipartisan bind is a shift what it may have been 10, 20 years ago? >> yeah. absolutely. when you have libertarians like rand paul and someone like mike lee is more libertarian minded and liberals dick durbin you have a more a focus bent on congress on the republican side so they will be able to do this more easily than 20 years ago as you said. >> liz, we are seeing the justice department us
. this morning, editorial boards for both "the new york times" and washington post write it's time to cut off aid. we'll ask congressman ted deutsche about that and get the latest from egypt. let's start with kristin welker in martha's vineyard with the president. any indication what we'll hear from the president this morning? >> well, i think you will here president obama continue to condemn the violence in the strongest possible terms, sort of reiterating what secretary of state john kerry came out and said yesterday. i don't expect that he will announce a major shift in u.s. policy, chris, however, i wouldn't rule out that we will hear slightly new rhetoric today and possibly some new steps that the administration plans to take. we know that the administration has been reviewing the $1.3 billion in military aid that you just mentioned. we also know that they are considering delaying a military exercise called the bright star military exercise. this is a biannual event which includes the united states and other countries, involves thousands of air and ground forces from the u.s. it's set to tak
washington post's" karen tumelty. they haven't been consulted or because they don't want to get involved? which is it? terms of why we're seeing the pushback? >> i think that right now everybody is confused, because it really doesn't look like there's any good option at this moment, but the fact is this tussle goes at least as far back as the early 1970s when the congress passed the war powers act which required consultation with congress. every president since richard nixon has insisted that act is unconstitutional. whenever you see a sit like this in like we've had in iraq, where we are on the verge of involving u.s. military in some kind of conflict, you do have this sort of tussle between the executive and legislative branch. in general it is better politically for a president to go into combat with some kind of if not authorization, at least evidence of consultation with congress, because it gives you the kind of cover that often, you know the president needs later on. >> perry, "new york times" editorial board writing today "more answers needed on syria. it asks in that, where is t
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)